Sunday, December 12, 2010

the BRODY BLAIR story

BRODY BLAIR The Boxer: by brian zelley

December 2010 marks the start of another boxing journey for
Nova Scotia amateur middleweight BRODY BLAIR. It has been a few decades since the name Blair became a Canadian and Nova Scotia boxing name
and that was middleweight BLAIR RICHARDSON.

In December, Brody became the new senior open (elite) middleweight
champion But, his boxing journey began a number of years ago and
he first became a national prospect when he won a title in the
2009 Youth National boxing championships at Edmonton, Alberta.
Some of the other champions included Nanaimo's
STEFAN MELIDEO, BC's Robert Couzens,  New Brunswick's
 Mitch Cormier and Kyle Gross. and Ontario's Matt Flynn.

An article called Golden Moment was produced by Adam Richardson
of THE NEWS (New Glasgow). The article would disclose
the travels of Brody from New Glasgow to Halifax to train
 under 1984 Olympic boxer WAYNE GORDON.

In 2009, BRODY BLAIR would join other Canadian boxers
 including Melideo, Cormier and Couzens in a joint tournament
with Puerto Rico.

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