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Introduction by: Brian Zelley

* Over the last couple of years, much efforet has been utilized to
 outline the stories of the amateur boxers of Canada from international
gold, silver and bronze medal winners or titles in various
International tournaments from Golden Gloves and Diamond Belts
to various shows in International activity.  But behind and leading 
each  boxer there are countless coaches and officials that made it
 possible and  the boxing media that told the story. 

The British Columbia Amater Boxing Hall of Fame

Starting in 2010 folks in British Columbia have already
recognized some of the builders by selection in that
category and those picked.
                                           Charles John and George Shiels
                                                   Campbell River Eagles

in 2010 they were Dave Brown, Elo Ius, Fred Fuller, 
Pat O'Reilly and Rick Brough.  But even some of
those selected as boxers have been standout builders such as 
Harold Mann and Frank Scott.  Others would
follow in 2011 and 2012 such as Bert Lowes, Charles John,
George Armson, George Shiels, John O'Shea, Lennie Walters,
Roger Adolph and Tommy Paonessa.

For 2013 there have been many nominated and are now
 standing in line:  Dick St. Louis, Ed Williams, George Nepper,
Boyd Bayne, Jimmy Gallagher, Jim Howie,  Ralph Galloway,
Ron Whalley,  Vic Murdoch and Wally Doern.

Ontario Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame - 2012

Volunteers for the Ontario amateur boxing community have
also started to recognize the builders of boxing with the
Ontario amateur Boxing Hall of Fame and they also picked
a few builders in the first list of 18 inductees:
Dennis Bradley, George Fraser, Jerome McComb and Joe Sandulo.
But boxers such as Billy Irwin and Chris Johnson are now
involved in coaching"

             former boxing great and now coach Billy Irwin and boxers

Canadian Amateur Boxing Wall of Fame

Bob Edgett, an icon of New Brunswick Boxing

A cross-section of builders or boxer/builders:
* A sample of the selected 55 for January 1, 2013 are:
Alison Arsenault, Bill Arsenault, Billy Irwin, Bob Edgett,
Bryan Gibson, Chris Johnson, Dave Hilton sr., Ed Blanchard,
Frank Scott, Gaby Mancini, Ginnie Brown, Harold Mann, 
Jerry Shears, Joe Sandulo, Kai Yip, Marg O'Reilly, Pat O'Reilly,
Roger Adolph, Rosemary Page, Taylor Gordon and Wayne Gordon.

  Frankie Scott with team mates and coach Harry Twist



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