Saturday, November 16, 2013

Canadian Boxing - 2014 Final Team Selection

FINDING THE 2014 A TEAM by Brian Zelley

As expected the featherweight and lightweight senior open divisions
or the 56kg and 60kg classes will have some interesting potential results,

For the featherweights, it will be some old familiar names:
Francois Pratte *****  Rodolpho Velasques
Kenny Lally  *********  Julio Escorcia

The Lighweights 
Based on the 2013 Canadian Golden Gloves,
and the 2014 Elite Men's Nationals, there 
is no one standout, any thing can happen
when the opening bell rings:

David Gauthier, Lucas Badhi, 
Alex Rynn and Brad Katona
Lucas is the youngest boxer in
this group and is trained by one
of our top all time boxers:
Billy Irwin.

                        Billy Irwin and some boxers
                    including Lucas, Josh and Gabe

The Women Boxing

It should be no surprise but the hot story
will be another bout between
Ariane Fortin vs Mary Spencer
The First Round of Action - Day 1
Well for the first evening of action
there were some surprises
and then the announcement
by Boxing Canada
that 2 A-Team member were out
BC's Kenny Lally took a pass, and
Nova Scotia's Custio Clayton was
out with a wrist injury.
And, for other A - team members
and Canadian champions all did not
go has planned.
Both Alex Rynn and Yves Ulysse
lost in their prelim bouts.

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