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Vancouver Island, a detailed boxing history

The Vancouver Island
Boxing Story: by Brian Zelley

Inspired by the search for the boxing 
story of boxer/coach Louis McIvor
from  the Oliver region of BC.

Special thanks to Brian Barker
for passing the Mr. McIvor
situation, and his positive comments
concerning this Canadian blog.

Since the mid sixties, I have
been a direct and indirect part
of amateur boxing and have
also served as type of historian
with numerous articles, reports 
and stories in various newspapers, magazines, 
and in various
 blogs, pages and
group sites

Over the decades, many in
the sport do not have a full
detailed understanding of
the sport's history and highlights. 

Videos - part of the history through a 
variety of images for three locations.

The above video takes a brief look at three key
 locations.  But, there were many other
clubs in places like Gold River with
 Monty Brown and the Nelson family 
and others. There was the 
Comox Valley club started by
 Jack Snaith. Lloyd Anderson,
There was once a club in Cumberland,
Port Alberni, Parksville, Ladysmith, 
Chemainus and Crofton

In Chemainus some key names
were Skimp Williams, Nepper family,
Terry Eastman and others.
George Nepper would follow-up that
 journey by forming  
the Newcastle club in Nanaimo '63.

George Nepper and boxers

Nanaimo 1963 - 1974

More Videos:
a brief look at
Vancouver Island 
Amateur boxing

Starts with Nanaimo boxing in the Seventies
and photos such as profiles of:
Bert Wilkinson, Bob Pegues and George Shiels
Followed by Dale Walters, Mickey Griffin, Pud Smith
many others such as:
Gary Wood and Mike Caird.

Nanaimo Boxing History

The above blog focuses in
Vancouver Island boxing
with a variety of posts.

The first story in Jan. 2013
""Vancouver Island Boxing History
and Hall of Fame"

Individuals'  videos
Alan Brown

Brian Zelley

Bob Pegues

V I Boxing Images


Al Duval, Bob Chambers, Nick Lystar, Dusty Mair
Jack O'Hanley, Howard Curling, Erick Pyrah,
Bob Edwards, Jerry Weicker, Tom Crabbe
Len Lightfoot, Jim Marshall, Jim Allen, 
Tom McGaw, Bobby Bates, Lloyd Tahouney, 
John Turton, Bernie Hamilton, Ed Robertson,
Dave Errington, Bert Wilkinson,Trent Ketchison,
Doug Kerr Sandy Cromwell, HowardvAbercrombie.
*Bert wikinson was the "golden boy".
In the sixties, Bert would be
the Island commissioner, and
in 1990, Bert would be one of
the volunteers to help prepare
for the 
1994 Commonwealth Games
boxing activity.
In early 2014, 
Mr Bert Wilkinson
Inducted into the



Ian Weir, Mike Caird, Brian Zelley
(photo by Jim Ryan for "the Victorian"
* re. revival of  boxing
photo is property of the
Greater Victoria
Sports Hall of Fame)


Alan Brown, Vic Murdoch
and Brian Zelley
*photo taken July 1984.


Vancouver Island's
Olympic boxers
1948: Eddie Haddad
1964: Fred Desrosiers
2000: Donnie Orr

1994 Commonwralth Games, Victoria
Boxing held in Esquimalt

2010 Golden Gloves

Boxers and Builders
Alumni of Vancouver Island

(This is a sample list only
and does not include all names)

Abe Serianni,  Al Curtis, Al Ranger,
Al Windecker, Alan Brown, Alan Toth, 
Alex Riley,
Art Smith, Barry Creswell, Barry Lowe, 
Bert Wilkinson, Billy Taylor, Billy Townsend,
Bob Kacer, Bob Lewis,  Bob Pegues,
Bob Perry,Brian Ordano, Brian Zelley
Brian Sacho, Brian O'Hare
Charles john,Chris Balatti, Chris Jones,
Clark MacLellan, Cliff Ballandine,
Dan Wright, Dave Hendrickson, 
Don Orr, Donnie Orr,Don White,
Danny McDonald, Fred Fielding,
Dave Way, Eddie Haddad, Fred Curtis
Fred Desrosier, Fred Hughes,
Fred Wicks jr., Fred Wicks sr.
Gary Robinson, Gary Wood, Gary Leach, 
Gary Van Buskirk, Gilles Nepper, 
George Nepper, George Shiels,
Gardiner Smyth Gerry Sorensen
Harry Morris,  Harry Pollitt,  Howard Curling
Howie Leeson, Ian Weir, Ian Middleditch,
Jack Snaith, Jim Hunter,Jules Nepper, 
Jason Heit, Jim Hills, Jita Nagra,
Jim Tait, Kelly Barrows, Ken Maughan, 
Jim Howie, Ken Stant, Larry McFadden, 
John Ormandy, Kevin Alexander, 
Joe Buxton, Ken Alexander,Leon Nepper,
Kit Munro, Leo Rock, Lloyd Anderson,
Keith Weatherdon, Lyle Jack, Lt, Larry Gregg,
Jim O'Neil, Jim Peaock, Len Glenfield,
Les Vegas, Mickey Griffin, Michael Nagra,
Mike Caird, Mike Lazare, Mike Sartori, 
Mike Kennedy, Keith McPherson, 
Mike Wood, Monty Brown, Murray Glover,
Mike Miller, Nathan Olson, Paddy Nelson, 
Paul Calvie, Paul Deluca jr., Paul Deluca sr.
Rich Uche, Richard Johnson, Rick Brough, 
Rick Tait, Rifleman Walsh, 
Roger Nepper, Scott Cessford
Skimp Williams, Stan Richardson,
Stefan Melideo, Steve Wood, Ted Balatti,
Steve Barnes,Terry Eastman, Terry Lewis,
Tim Cessford, Tommy Black,  Tony James, 
Wayne Barnes,Wayne Crowe, Wayne Powell,
Val Wordan, Vic Murdoch, Zach McKay,

Jeannine Garside

Teresa Taylor

(the golden girls)
Jeannine and Teresa
two of five women of boxing
in the BC Amateur Boxing
Hall of Fame.


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