Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Boxing Sunset

THE FINAL ROUND: by Brian Zelley

This will be the last round of this "Canadian
Amateur Boxing" blog that spans seven years
of story telling beginning in 2009

to attempt to summarize each story
would take much time, and
readers can visit each year

to determine what they want to read, but I will point out  some
select posts by year posted starting with the five top posts
regardless of year published.

Top viewed Posts (All Time)
* November 2009: Golden Glovex with close to 6,000 views.
*"Alberta Boxing - Then and Now" 
* Nanaimo Boxing - 1963 to 1974".
* "Saskatchewan Boxing", and
* " 1980 - 1989 Canadian Boxing 

Beyond The Top Five
As we trip through all the years, in my opinion there
are some worthy and interesting stories such as:

One story in 2009 that deserves some attention
is tge story about "Frank Scott",but some others are
"Training Centre, Fade to Black".
In 2014 an important regional piece was called:
"Vancouver Island, a detailed boxing history"


2013 Timelines had some good pieces such as:

"Boxing Canada - 2000 to 2013"
And  back ti 2010 there was:
"1975 - Chris Clarke arrives"

Photos at Random

In closing:
Thanks to all those that helped
with any of the narrative or images.
Brian Zelley, June 2015

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