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BOXING CANADA 1990 to 1999

 for Canadian Boxers: by Brian Zelley
 The link: BOXING CANADA 1990 to 1999
One of the threads on the tapestry of Canadian amateur boxing
 in the nineties was thevarious teams holding the medals from
 one of the many international tournaments, and the
nineties journey would include the individual tournaments
 from the late 1989 National championships for 1990, and
the box-off action, past the Goodwill Games and the
Commonwealth Games of 1990 to the process of
building a team for the 2000 Olympic Games.

Between those two points of action and success there are
hundreds of stories along the journey of each boxing club,
each event, eah team  and each player in the game.

*  Every decade has a story, and every name on the page
 has a story,  and for many names on the page, they have 
some common clubs, events or stories.  To begin the story
of the nineties, we must also  go back to 1969 when Boxing 
Canada called by the name of Canadian Amateur Boxing Association
began and the road to glory and success was built by 
one boxer, coach and official at a time.

Back to the early days of the post 1968 eras takes us
to 1970 with the faces  on the wall of the many that 
were a part of the change from the old to the new.

BacK to the Nineties for the story:
There are a 1,000 different stories of Canadian
amateur boxing in the Nineties.  Each thread on
the tapestry tell a different part of the story
and like the stars in the sky at night
each one shines but they all have a
different glow.  And, when we  see that 
shooting star that is just another 
lost warrior saying goodbye.

The Champions of 1990
* Domenic Filane Figlioment, Graham McIntosh,
Michael Strange, Billy Irwin, Jim Worrall, 
Chris and Greg Johnson, Raymond Downey,
Pat Jordan and Vernon Linklater.
Some of the other names of those engaged in
the Nationals or the box-off competition were:
Marc Leduc, Ron Paskie, Curtis Hatch, 
Randall Thompson, Lyndon Linklater,
Gary Wood

1990 Commonwealth Games:
* the Canadian medal winners:
Domenic Filane Figliomeni, Vernon Linklater
Geronimo Bie, Greg Johnson, Ray Downey,
Dale Brown, Patrick Jordan and Chris Johnson.
The other Canadians on the 1990 team were:
Graham McIntosh, Billy Irwin, Michael Strange
and Jim Worrall.

1991: Another step in the Journey

For 1991, there would be those 
returning champs from 1990 but
also some faces from the past 
such as Steve Beaupre and others
Marc Leduc and Tom Glesby.

The main tournament for some of 
the members would be the 1991
Pan Am Games with medal winners:

Billy Irwin, Greg Johnson,
Chris Johnson, Dale Brown,
and Tom Glesby 

1991 Canadian Winter Games action:
There was also some interesting amateur
boxing on the National front with the
"Canada Winter Games" and some were:
Steve Lowry, Jason Towns, Jason Adair, 
Ward Fleming, Henry Valdez, Bryan Mackie,
Billy Joe Bjornson, Stephen Gallinger, 
Sylvain Leblanc, Gale Shannon, 
Hank Doherty and Gerard Penney

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