Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boxing Canada - 2000 to 2013

Canadian Amateur Boxing - the here and now:
  By Brian W. Zelley

Boxing Canada - 2000 to 2013  - The Link to the names
The above link gives a list of some of the names that created
 the buzz.  The beginning of this new era took began at the
2000 Candian senior nationals that took place in late 1999
in Campbell River.  But, many of the names listed in this
story were active in prior decades.

Beyond 2013:  the road ahead:  

The road beyond 2013 is now being carved out by the many
boxers from coast to coast in the Provincials as they 
prepare for action in October 2013 in the Nationals where 
the senior open boxers will be trying for a shot to make the
Canadian Commonwealth Games boxing team to engage in
medal hopes in 2014 in Glasgow.  Members of the current 
A and B teams will also be engaged such as Kenny Lally
Alex Rynn, Custio Clayton and Brody Blair.
 Brody Blair, Custio Clayton and Kenny Lally
will be ready willing and able to regain the title,
but the question that will fall on the shoulders of 
Prince George's Ken Lally will be what division will
he challenge to make the Commonwealth Team. 

And how many can be expected to survive the demands
and the ordeal, the rules and the regulations, 
the demands and the setbacks to be the
one to claim  "Gold in Glasgow"

The Rules before the free ticket is distributed:
* Boxing Canada lays down the challenge to one and all:

The Twisted Highway where only the strong of body and spirit
will survive to fight another day in Glasgow 2014.

Beyond the training camps and competition and they have not
even reached the starting gate for  Canadian team selection
to travel down the boxing highway to  glory and/or gold, or the
that much used path of broken dreams along the road to nowhere.

Step By Step to the open door or standing on the sidelines saying goodbye:

Then comes Christmas and will it be coal dust and a cloth to
wipe away the tears, or a two way ticket to glory and fame.
November 19 to 23rd. 2013 will be what we call the last chance.
But, even victory in the great box-off parade will not be a solid
guarantee for selection to the team, and some winners know 
very well how that sometimes plays out be it 1984 or any other
year.  And, that last cut, if any, is the deepest cut of all
and could send some to a new journey in a dark dark
place when the lights slowly fade to black. AND, WHO 

will be there to pick up the pieces of the broken heart
and a damaged spirit???

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