Friday, July 12, 2013


The Birth of the Canadian Golden Gloves:

Tucked away in the body of a Boxing Canada story by
Raquel Ruiz on June 2, 2013 was reference to a first ever
Canadian Golden Gloves Championship to be held in
Cornwall, Ontario in July of 2013.

Nine days later, on the Boxing Canada site there was an
announcement of the tournament with the headlines:
"Inaugral Canadian Golden Gloves Championships.
In that article, the key spokesperson to talk about the event  
was Robert Crete of Boxing Canada.  Also, president 
Pat Fiacco had a small bit to say about the future.
Some specific details of the event are:
Location and site: Nav Centre in Cornwall, Ontario
which was the site of the 2012 Women's Elite 
Intercontinental tournament. 

Visions from the Past: 
* there has been no clear identification as to what factor
determined to host this first ever tournament, but there was
a time tracing back to 1946 in British Columbia when one of 
the key individuals behind the start of the Golden Gloves in
British Columbia by the name of William J. Finlay made his
hopes, wishes and dreams for the Canadian Golden Gloves.
"Billy's dream" was published in the 1946 "Sun Golden Gloves:
program February 14, 1946 on page five.  Now 67 years later
Billy's dream back in Vancouver, BC in 1946 is to become a reality
in Cornwall, Ontario in July 2013.

Names In The News: pre-tournament buzz 
* some of the expected boxers in the tournament are being 
mentioned in various newspapers in places like Brandon, 
and Cornwall. 

In the "Brandon Sun", Chris Jester's article was titled
"Brandon boxers set for Golden Gloves" mentions 
Natasha Armstrong and I. Hayden as two of the Brandon
based boxers.

Some names from Alberta ready for action are:
Eric Taylor, Robbie Cusine and Gwyn Lewis.  Taylor will
be in the crowded men's senior lightweight division with 
some top names such as Brad Katona of Manitoba,
Jag Seehra from British Columbia and David Gauthier
from Quebec. 

Good Vibrations from Boxing Canada
* Some quality pre-tournament buzz from Boxing Canada
Raquel Ruiz leads the charge with a July 16, 2013 story.


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