Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Canadian amateur boxing at the crossroads - July showdowns


Who would of thought that the month of July would be the
most significant month for two competing groups in the 
battle over  Amateur Boxing in Canada.

The primary body of Boxing Canada and the related 
provincial bodies have set the bar to a high level with
the staging of the first ever Canadian Golden Gloves
that takes place between July 16 to 21, 2013 in 
Cornwall, Ontario.  

The alternative group comprised of the 
Ontario Boxing Association (OBA) and the BC group
that go by the name of Combsport were expecting to
gather momentum of winning the hearts and minds of 
boxing fans with the WBC sponsored two province
version of a Canadian Amateur Boxing Championship
set for  July 19, 2013 in Langley, BC,but nobody would
have guessed that Boxing Canada would win out in the
publicity department with cross-Canada support from 
some high level VIP's. 

The Stage Is Set For Both Groups to Shine as best they can:

On a provincial level in British Columbia, the battle to win 
the top spot for amateur boxing has been waged for the last
several years. 

CHANGE of PLANS for the WBC - BC vs Ontario showdown:
*the decision why BC's Combsport  and Ontario's OBA 

changed the date to September is not clear, but it was 
good that it did not take place today Friday as the 
coverage of it would not be that great as the CANADIAN
GOLDEN GLOVES has much more effect and has a 
greater historical significance.  

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