Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1970 - THe Start of A New Decade

1970 - Changes In THe BC Golden Gloves

From 1939 to 1969, the BC Golden Gloves was always the standard for excellence in Boxing Tournaments
and quality competition. One exception was the 1967 BC International Diamond Belt tournament that
sets the mark for excellence in competition, organization and public awareness..

However, in 1970 the BCABA (Boxing BC) changed the ground rules of who would host and sponsor
the annual event. And for 1970 that who would be the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association.
In other provinces, they were also dealing with start-up issues with the new era of CABA -
Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (Now called by the name of BOXING CANADA).

For Canadian boxing, the big National Tournament would take place in New Westminster, British Columbia
at the Queen's Park Arena in May of 1970. At the end of the tournament, except for 1969 light-flyweight champion
NEIL AUSTIN, the "69 crew were replaced. Of interest, one of the new champions was New Westminster's FRANKIE SCOTT/
Frankie, however, was no fresh young rookie. In 1966, he won a bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games.

When the tournament ended and the bright lights were turned off, the champions were"
Austin, Cooke, Scott, Arneson, Fuller, Doiron, Malish, OLsen, and Meda.

For heavyweight JACK MEDA of Prince George. he had come a long way since tha first venture
into open class boxing in 1967 when he lost to Seattle's WESLEY CRAVEN in the 1967 BC Golden Gloves..

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