Thursday, February 25, 2010

1976 - SPRUCE CAPITAL Boxer - McKnight

SID MCKNIGHT was a fresh new face in Canadian National amateur boxing and joined other champions
such as the veteran Ian Clyde and others such as Cleveland Denny, Chris Clarke, Chris Ius and Carmen Rinke.

Looking back to his term in boxing from 1970 to 1979, the year 1976 turned out to be a glorious year
for the Prince George boxer from the Spruce Capital Boxing Club. During the Seventies, he was
an active boxer in all sorts of tournaments from Bronze Gloves to Golden Gloves.

In time he would be recognized and inducted into the Prince George Hall of Fame
to join others from Harold Mann to Jack Meda and be a permanent boxing hero in
Prince George.

In 1976, Sid was part of the Canadian OLympic Boxing team to participate in
the MONTREAL OLYMPIC GAMES. Others were Ian Clyde, Chris Ius, Camille Huard,
Carmen Rinke, Michael Prevost, Bryan Gibson, and Roger Fortin.

It was a tough Olympics with a blue chip USA team that included:
Leon & Michael Soinks, Ray Leonard, Howard Davis and Davey Armstrong.
Then there were the Cuban boxers such as Tefilio Stevenson.

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