Saturday, February 27, 2010

1977 - 1979 The Canadian Boxing Story


As we roll along following the 1976 Olympics into the years 1977, 1978 and 1979, boxer IAN CLYDE
continues to tick away like a well oiled watch that appears to last forever, but over the three year period
there would be others that would appear for a little while. Some would be there for the three years stretch
such as BILL RANELLI,, or for a two year period such as DERRICK HOYT (The Pride of Cranbrook, BC). and
ROGER FORTIN and JOHN RAFFERTY. Some other names of interest was Spruce Capital's LAURIE MANN and
NOLAN, DOWNEY & BLAND from the east and not to be forgotten was KELLY PERLETTE.

In 1978 the Canadians did well in the Commonwealth Games with KELLY PERLETTE and ROGER FORTIN
being two standouts, but Canadians won their share of medals with the likes of IAN CLYDE winning silver
and a number of bronze medal winners including RODDY MACDONALD and GUY BOUTIN.

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