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The sport of amateur boxing in Alberta has played
an important role in Canadian Amateur Boxing and has
produce many fine boxers,coaches and officials.

Some past names to remember include Bill Page Harvey Reti,
Paul Hortie, Billy McGrandle, Alan Ford, Willie deWit,
Rick Duff, Scotty Olson, Denis Belair, Jim Titley and
DALE BROWN. And, who could forget the amateur and pro
record of WILF GREAVES.

But, the Alberta Amateur Boxing story is more than a few names,
but it is about the many clubs such as the Cougar Boxing Club
or the West Edmonton Knights or boxing in Medicine Hat, Calgary
or Edmonton and other small towns scattered throughout the Province.

It is about club shows in Alberta or boxers traveling to
British Columbia in 2009 or 1985 for club shows in Cranbrook or
Prince George, and Golden Glove tournaments such as Calgary's
VERN FOUTH in 1967, or National tournaments staged each year
across Canada from east to west.

It is about novice boxers starting out,and Canadian champions
engaged in International tournaments
and the Alberta coaches and officials that participated in
the action far and wide such as the 1994 Commonwealth Games
in Victoria or the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angele.

HERE & NOW = A door to the past

In order to understand the past, we must look at the here and now
because each coach, official, executive member and active boxer
involved have a story that touches on the past.

Some of the names of today in executive positions with
BOXING ALBERTA have interesting stories that touch on
past events from local shows to Canadian events. some of
the names include Denis Belair, Ginnie Brown, Kerry Fahlman,
Sylvio Fex and Rosemary Page.

CLUBS & COACHES - The Here & Now

Some of the clubs and club officials of today have moments
to remember from the past as they weave new thread for
the tapestry of Boxing Alberta.

There is the the Bowmont Boxing Club with Ginnie BROWN
and the team, but also Stuart McGrandle with the West Edmonton
Knights with that old time family connection with our Alberta star
of the Sixties - BILLY MCGRANDLE.

Or slip over to Medicine Hat with Stan INSKO or at Camrose
with Don WILSON and "The Force", then in Lodgepole we find
DOUG BOLIANATZ who has some interesting stories of
Commonwealth Games memories and moments such as
those interesting days in 1994 at the Commonwealth Games
of Victoria where the boxing action took place in Esquimalt
which was the hot bed of amateur boxing in the Fifties & Sixties
with the likes of Alan Curtis, Fred Desrosiers, Taylor Gordon
and many more.

Or, slip into Red Deer with the likes of Rob Carswell,
but some will remember BOB CARSWELL from Vancouver to Halifax
and other location far and wide.


Sometimes there is exciting action on many club cards,
in recent times one action packed boxing cards hosted by
the West Edmonton featured various boxers from Alberta and BC.
With the Best Fight being:

MARCUS HUME (Prince George) vs LEIGHTON KING (Camrose).

ALBERTA BOXING beyond 2009
*  Between 2010 and 2013, there have been some interesting
stories including the activity of those that have turned pro.


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