Wednesday, November 04, 2009

CANADIAN BOXING CLUBS - past & present

                                      NEWCASTLE BOXING CLUB  - Nanaimo Boxing Club
                                       Brian Zelley preparing for a semi-main event bout     
                                        against Vancouver Firefighters boxer Del Deagau
                                        PORT ALBERNI AMATEUR BOXING CLUB - 1966 

   There is always hope with a revival of an old boxing club that has been idle for some time
such as the 2 Rivers Boxing Club in Quesnel.

There is always hope when new clubs are formed such as the recent happenings in
Lillooet, BC.

There is always hope when old clubs fade, and a new ones  arise from the ashes
such is the case of Nanaimo when the Newcastle Boxing Club faded away and, 
within a couple of years, the Nanaimo Boxing Club began in 1971, or
in Victoria, BC  when the London Boxing Club was replaced by the Victoria Athletic 
Association in 1976 or a couple of years later when the Victoria Jaycees Boxing Club
joined the competition.

Across Canada there are many past and present clubs such as the Hastings Boxing Club
 North Burnaby Boxing Club, Spruce Capital and Inner City in Prince George.
As we step past the Rockies we find such clubs as the West Edmonton Knights
and many more in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Then there are those many clubs past and present in Ontario such as London's
East End Club where London, Ontario Sports Hall of Fame boxer Casey Paton
began on his path to Olympic action, or the Sault Ste. Marie Boxing Club
with a family of stars and others as well., or as we approach Quebec we find
the Beaver Boxing Club in Ottawa with many past names and faces.

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