Friday, November 06, 2009


WHAT IS BOXING - By Brian W, Zelley, B. Com., CA

For some it is a brutal sport, for others it is a hope, a dream, a wish.

It is a "question of balance" - "poetry in motion" - "a road to somewhere or a road to nowhere"

Boxing is a mix of chemistry of emotions, and basic physics of movement. leverage and force.
but you do not need a PHD in the Sciences or the Arts, but a generous level of logic, emotional intelligence
and communication skills could play an important role for whoever sets foot on the boxing highway.

Poetry in Motion - or a series of sepia photos flashing through
the mind. Beyond the power of the punch is the movement and motion
of the boxer dancing side-to-side, or executing a series of
fast flashing jabs. The boxer blocking and slipping the jabs
and firing back with a fast jab, hook or cross.

The boxer bobbing & weaving under the punches and being a drummer
in a band as he fires back with a rat-a-tat-tat of body punches
or a short right hand to the ear. The boxer shifting his/her weight
from left to right and back again or rocking back onto the right heel.

Boxing is a comedy, a comedy of errors, a drama for the fighters,
coaches and fans. And, for some it is a tragedy of lost hopes,
wishes and dreams, or the sad case of the lost warrior.

Then again boxing is a "magic trick" where the art of "feinting"
becomes the trap that fools the foe into countering or defending
against illusions in the mind.

The important question is why do many potential
boxers never join a club? Or, of the many that joinm
many will never compete or only train for a short time
before leaving the sport. So what are the reasons why
a select few stay? What can be done to improve the
membership and the length of time for those than join?

*Many steps can be taken to increase and maintain members.
*It begins with the overall attitude and the environment and
mood of and within each club.
*Once potential new trainees join, there needs to be an
enthusiastic attitude shown to them that they are important.
*Each new trainee need to have support from other boxers and
even have a mentor to assist them as they begin this new
journey into the unknown.

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