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There is much boxing history in the clubs of Saskatchewan of which one long serving one is the
REGINA BOXING CLUB founded by KEN GOFF in 1949. Since 1994, the boxing club hosts
the annual "Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic. This annual show was initiated by
George Goff and Pat Fiacco.


There have been a number of outstanding amateur boxers over the years.
In the early Eighties one of many was CURTIS FIDLER of the Prince Albert Boxing Club.
In 1983, he received "The John Galon Trophy" as Saskatchewan's "Boxer Of The Year".
There would be other outstanding boxers such as WESLEY SUNSHINE and VERNON LINKLATER.

IAN's CORNER - SOO LINE BOXING and Coach Hartenburger

In late 1973, Saskatchewan's Weyburn boxer from the "Soo Line Boxing Club" IAN WEIR and Nanaimo's
DAN WRIGHT and BRIAN ZELLEY would join the Victoria Boxing Club that was being operated out of the
Victoria Boy's Club in Victoria, BC which was then being operated by MIKE CAIRD and GORDIE MAGAW.
With the arrival of Ian and the two from Nanaimo, it would begin a major revival in for boxing in
Victoria in the 1973/74 boxing season that would see boxer WAYNE CROWE winning a silver medal in
the Canadian senior natioal boxing championships.

Weir's Soo Line coach was HANK HARTENBURGER and one of his teammates was noted boxer and official
MORGAN WILLIAMS. Over the years, Coach Hartenburger would have fine boxers such as DON GRANT
and KELLY NELSON an many others.

In recognition of boxing coach Hank Hartenburger, he was roasted at the
Royal Canadian Legion to recognize his long service in amateur boxing.

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