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NANAIMO BOXING 1963 to 2013


Founded in 1971 by Dan Wright and Brian Zelley with assistance from John Ormandy and George Nepper

Two of the Canadian champions from the Nanaiimo Boxing club
 are Jack Snaith and Stefan Melideo..

Between Jack in 1973 and Stefan in 2009, the club has an interesting
history, and before Jack Snaith's in 1973, both Dan Wright and
 Brian Zelley engaged in bouts on the first two club shows hosted
 by the club. Also, a number of young boxers competed in Bronze Gloves tournaments.

One of the important lessons that was learned early was the need for
public awareness, acceptance and education to ensure growth and activity.
This was done at an early stage with direct contact with
sports editor Mark Kiemele of the "Nanaimo Daily Free Press".

May 9, 1974 Nanaimo Daily Free Press
"Good Man To Have Around" By Mark Kiemele

"For the past three years Brian Zelley has been a regular contributor
to this column, providing an insight into the game of boxing.while
giving astute comments on the local and international scene in the sport."

"One of the co-founders of the club. he Dan Wright, John Ormandy...
built the club from a shoestring operation into one of the more respected
glove groups in British Columbia."

January 25, 1982 Victoria's "Times-Colonist"
Sports editor Jim Reid

"There is no denying Zelley's interest in and
knowledge of boxing, his concerns for the image of the sport 
and the safety of the boxers, his desire for boxing to be presented 
properly to the public"

Some of the Faces and Names from 1971 to 2013

* Dan Wright, George Nepper, John Ormandy, Bob Pegues,
Darren Lussier, Jack Snaith, Bob Jamison, Clark MacLellan,
Joe Preston, Mickey Griffin, Fred Thorsell, Wayne Peace,
 Ricky Evenson, Dale Creswell, Barry Creswell,
Dwayne Evenson, David Houlistan, Allan MacLellan, Lee Ranger,
Malcolm Eldridge, Mark Gutenburg, Kelly Gourley, 
John Navarolli, Wayne Morgan, Barry Neufield, Britton Gillette,
Tak Sasagawa, Doug English, Mark Barr, 
Don Preston, Robbie Wentland, Ron Williams, 
Stuart Springett, Norm Greenwell, Lyle Jack, Kevin Jolly, 
Bob Walsh, Rob Argyle, Gordy Sutherland, Melan Sears, 
Steve Venuti,  Wade Marling, Mike Murray, 
Robin Murray, Lloyd Anderson, Wilf Ballendine, Pete Yawney,
Larry Cooper, Fred Wicks sr., Fred Wicks jr.Stevan Melideo,
Zack McKay.  Some experienced  boxers from other Island club
would also train and fight for Nanaimo for a brief period such as
 Gary Wood,  and Tim Cessford  Then of couse not to be overlooked
is Mike Nagra.

some of the names
comnected to the 
history of boxing in
Nanaimo and other
parts of
Vancouver  Island

George Nepper was the founder of the Newcastle Boxing Club 1963

Nanaimo Boxing - 1963 to 2013

Lasting Ranking  - October 18, 2013
Top Ten Names - Boxers and Builders

Six of the top ten names between 1963 and 2013 were
members of Nanaimo's Newcastle Boxing club, and some
were also previous members of the Chemainus - Ladysmith
Boxing club before September 1963 including Skimp Williams
and the members of the Nepper family.  One that did not
make the top ten, but would be in the top ten of junior 
boxers of Vancouver Island is Mike Lazare. 

Adds from October onward:  More Newcastle history:
*since adding the golden years of 1963 to 1968 

this story has jumped in popularity into number 2 spot of
the week and month, and to number three of all time.
Due to this popularity more data will be added to 
recognize those glory days of the past with the likes
of the Nepper brothers and George Nepper, Ted and
Chris Balatti, Leo Rock, Brian Zelley, Skimp Williams,
Harry Pollitt, Jerry Sorensen, the Seriani brothers,
and many other boxers such as Ken Stant, Mike Lazare,
Wayne Barnes, Rick Johnson, Murray Glover, and many
                           A great way to end the first year of action
with Gilles Nepper and Brian Zelley winning titles, and 
coach Skimp Williams presenting the Skimp Williams 
trophy for the first of a three years run in boxing
 activity in Victoria.

Involved in that last tournament were Leo Rock and
one of our future builders: Roger Nepper.

The first six boxers to see action for the Newcastle
club:  Leo Rock, Chris Balatti, Gilles Nepper, 
Leon Nepper, Roger Nepper and Brian Zelley
But, Jules Nepper, Ken Stant and Mike Lazare
would quickly follow before long.


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