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BRIAN ZELLEY, The Last V. I. Featherweight Boxing Champion - 1964 & Counting

Newcastle Boxing Club
Firefighters Boxing Club
Nanaimo Boxing Club
Victoria Boxing Club
London Boxing Club
Victoria Athletic Association
Victoria Jayceees Boxing Club

         Brian Zelley  and Clark MacLellan - 1973 after the final bell

Post fight - Dressing room photo op, Nanaimo, BC, 1973                  
      ************** Zelley vs MacLellan **************

Boxing Referee & Judge

Executive Committee - BCABA/Boxing BC
British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association

Editor: 1983: Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing News
Editor B C Amateur Boxing News (1983 to 1986)

          1984 Canadian Olympic Team training sessions, Burnaby, BC
             Alan Brown  *  Vic Murdoch  * Brian Zelley

1989 - 1992 Boxing Committee
Victoria Commonnwealth Games Society

1991 - Interim Chairman, Boxing Committee
for the 1994 Commonwealth Games - Victoria, BC.

1983 - "Effective Punching - the BLAST Plan"

1992: "Counterpunch For Boxing"
Op - Ed article - "Times-Colonist"

***_ The last featherweight champion of Vancouver Island - 1964 and counting****

2009 A New Beginning  - Halls of Fame

*sponsoreship of Mike Caird into the Greater Victoria
Sports Hall of fame

* The Establishment of the
British Columbia Hall of Fame
with the selection of 15 in 2010.

Eddie Haddad, one of the first 15 inductees

Year Two - 2011
Ten new names added to BCABHOF

others added  post 2011

Beyond the BCABHOF - All Canadian 

The Canadian Amateur scene - 2013

More added for 2014

Billy Downey - Top of the poll

A fast blast throughout
the decades
includes to from 1964
Roger and Gilles Nepper
and Leo Rock in two, A later 
one included founding coach
George Nepper.
There is a 2009 photo with
Dan Wright.  Just by chance
we both were part of the revival 
of boxing in Nanaimo 1971
and Victoria 1974

 An expanded 
edition with other faces such as
 Alan Brown, Bob Pegues, Rick Brough,
Neil Knight, Dorothy Runacres, 
Barry Creswell, Clark MacLellan
Tony James, Mickey Griffin and 
Fred Wicks jr.

Goes beyond the Island with more faces
such as Dave Wylie, Eddie Haddad,
Fred Desrosiets, Freddy Fuller and Frank
Scott and Dick Findlay.

More names such as Gary Wood, 
Gordie Lawson, Jamie Ollenberger,
Roger Adolph, Tony Duffy, 
Ralph Galloway and Vic Murdoch.

Assorted names from the
mix of images
Vic Murdoch, Frank Scott, Bob Pegues,
George Nepper, Clark MacLellan,
Alan Brown, Ian Weir, Mike Caird,
Freddy Fuller, Muhammad Ali, Dan Wright,
Ray Lampkin, Bert Wilkinson, 
George Shiels, Dale Walters, 
Mickey Griffin, "Pud" Smith,  Donnie Orr,
Barry Creswell, Zack McKay, Jules Nepper,
Bob Perry, Matt O'Brien and Jag Seehra.



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  2. 1971 - Co-Founder" NANAIMO BOXONG CLUB


    Throughout Vancouver Island, there have been many amateur
    boxers to fight in the featherweight division since 1964,
    but the strange thing is none have been declared featherweight
    champion of Vancouver Island.

    Twenty years later in 1984, there was an opportunity for
    somebody to step into the ring at Parksville for the
    1984 Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Championships.
    But there were no junior, intermediate or senior featherweights.

    After 1984, there have been some tournament and many club shows
    and even a Canadian senior tournament in 2000, but none of these
    qualified as Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Championships.

    So, another 25 years have faded, and still there no more
    featherweight champions of Vancouver Island. So, I watch
    and wait.

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