Friday, November 06, 2009


The Frankie Scott story by: brian zelley

Frank Albert Scott (1949 - 2005) - Elite Boxer - Bronze Medal 1966

It has been over 24 years since I saw Frankie Scott, the last time was during my time as an executive member
of the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association in the mid-Eighties. Frank was a boxing coach then.
However, it was in early Sixties when I first heard about the Scott family when former Chemainus Legion Boxing club
member Leon Nepper lost a bout to Frank's brother Keith Scott.

Fast forward to September 1967, when I moved to Vancouver from Nanaimo. One day I took a bus ride
to New Westminster to visit the "Best Cafe" which was run by the Scott family. During 1967/68 boxing season,
both Frank Scott and I would join the Firefighters Boxing Club and train with boxers like Dave Wylie and Fred Fuller,
and many others. It was expected to be an active year with our bright young eyes looking towards the 1968 Olympics
along with boxers like Dick Findlay, Wayne Boyce and many others.

Of the four Golden Gloves tournaments that I entered, the ones in Tacoma and Vancouver, I appeared in the
bantamweight division while in the Seattle and Tacoma Golden Gloves it was the featherweight division.
In both the Portland & Vancouver tournaments, both Frankie and I fought our way into the finals
and met in the middle of the ring to touch gloves.

In May 1984, as editor of the "BC Amateur Boxing News", I put together a pre-1984 Junior National Boxing
Championships & Senior National Olympic Box-Offs issue. But, to add slices of history, I added
pictures of Frank Scott, Ed Williams, Bill Gariepy, Pat O'Reilly Jr., Billy Taylor, Fred Desrosiers,,
Dick Findlay, and even a pictire of our 1983 Jr. Provincial Team which included nine boxers and two coaches.
Boxers included Alan Brown, Willy Curry, Mike Wood, Tony Frances and others.

The piece about FRANK SCOTT started with the sentence:
"The Pride and Joy of New Wesminster, his record is second to none" (That sure was a great punch line
for our lad Frank Albert Scott.

Frank is to be remembered on Friday at the last boxing card at Willingdon Avenue in Burnaby
along with Lennie Walters and George Armson.

There are many more stories to tell about the boxer Frankie Scott and the boxing coach Frankie Scott.
there is a site on facebook called:
"FRANKIE SCOTT for induction into the BC Sports Hall of Fame".

At the present time, there are only seven persons connected to boxing that are in :The Hall",
now is the time to add one more. Of the thousand of folks connected to amateur boxing
today and yesterday, the late FRANKIE SCOTT deserves to join the other seven.


  1. It was the MAY 1984 issue of the
    It included a piece on boxing 1970 to 1974
    and a photo & small piece on Frankie Scott.

    The Seventies stuff also mentions Frank Scott
    and the 1970 Norh American Amateur Championships
    at the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, on June 1 st.

    Some other names mentioned were
    Fred Fuller, Marvin Arneson, Joe Cooke,
    Neil Austin and Jack Meda.

  2. There has been no indication that Frank or any others have been selected for the BC Sports Hall of Fame, so it might be a good idea
    to re-visit this issue concerning the late Frank Albert Scott.