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1969 was the dawn of a new age in Canadian Amateur Boxing when after the formation of the
Canadian Amateur Boxing Associations, But, some of the champions and contenders of pre-1969
would be there to earn National Championships beyond 1968.

Old champions like Wayne Boyce, Dick Findlay, Donato Paduano and Billy Taylor just faded away
while the likes of Jack Meda. Frank Scott, Walter Henry, Fred Fuller, Darryl Olsen & Pat O'Reilly came back to
fight another day and another few rounds and were joined by new faces on the senior Nationals scene such as Ian Clyde
and Jack Snaith between 1969 and 1973 (the first five years of a new beginning).



    1969 57kg. should read K. Hicks
    thank you,
    Ken Hicks

  2. Hi Brian,
    I am Ken Hicks.
    On pages
    of your website I am listed as Ken Hick 1969, 57kg Champion.
    Is there a way to get the site updated with my correct name.
    I am also listed on the following websites.

    I recently received a news paper article about the fight.
    The article wrongly lists me as from Vancouver.
    I was living in Fort McMurray, Alberta then.
    It was the 1st year of the Clearwater Boxing Club.
    I will attach the article if possible.
    I greatly appreciate your website.
    Thank you,
    Take care,
    ps I was unable to attach the article.